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April 27, 2010


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Julie Vogel

Judge Gillespie is a hard-working, dedicated, experienced lawyer who has worked in both the criminal and civil areas of law, has served as a general master, and has done a terrific job on the bench in just the short time he has been there. He is conscientious and fair in his decisions, follows the law, and treats all parties with respect! That's all the "qualification" I look for in a judge! And sadly enough, in my humble opinion, only a small minority of Broward's 90 judges even come close to meeting those qualifications! Good luck Judge Gillespie! You've got my support!


Gillespie is an experienced trial attorney who has proven himself on the bench to be a fair minded, professional and dedicated judge. Parker clearly knows nothing of Gillespie's record or he would not be challenging him. His comments prove his ignorance and lack of insight into the local judicial system.

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