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January 21, 2009


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karen m

This man has a strong claim to innocence which has been ignored by the judicial system.

see southerninjustice.com to read his trial transcripts and appeals.

He certainly has been totally screwed by the legal system in Florida.

Geesje de Jong

Please read Michael's blogs http://deathrowjournals.blogspot.com/ and http://doinglifeondeathrow.blogspot.com/ and his website http://www.southerninjustice.com/

many victims

the corrupt florida judiciary has myriad victims ......... the next five appointments to the bench should be non-lawyers .

South Florida Lawyers

Good catch. I like this line best:

"I’m already a convicted felon, so at least the public will know what they are actually getting rather than a wolf in sheep’s clothing," he wrote.

If he's not our next Justice maybe he can write for our blog.

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