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September 19, 2008


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Darrin E. McGillis

The Elections web site shows Julio's documents were stamped on June 19, 2008 around 4PM but he had not payed the qualifying fee until the following day of June 20, 2008 after me as evidenced by the Receipt numbers. Florida says qualification begins once ALL documents and the fee is paid. see link to my documents and Julios:



There is no time stamp showing any 37 minutes earlier for Julio it does NOT exist and Lester Sola lied to the Miami Herald. The only thing Julio was doing June 20 was paying his check and I went first as the receipts show. By the way the receipts were hand written by the same person so it would be impossible for her to have done both at the same time.

Darrin E. McGillis

Court orders response.


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